NIGIRI (SUSHI) order by piece Tofu Pocket Egg Avocado Surf Clam Crab Stick
All You Can Eat (Friday dinner, Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays $2.00 extra)                                                               
Snow Mountain Maki Green Dragon B.B.Q Ribs Maki Snow Roll
Mackerel Red Snapper White Tuna Fluke
Vegetable Spring Roll Deep Fried Breaded Shrimp Deep Fried Breaded Scallop Deep Fried Vegetable Dumpling (Gyoza) Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet (Katsu)
Grill Chicken Teriyaki Grill Sirloin Steak B.B.Q Beef Ribs Teppanyaki Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable Stir Fried Mushroom Butter Yaki
Chicken Fried Rice Salmon Fried Rice Seafood Fried Rice Curry Seafood Pineapple Fried Rice
Salad Seafood Salad Baby Octopus (Korean Dish) Mixed Japanese Mushroom Salad Sesame Cold Tofu
Grill Item (Order By Piece) Grill Salmon with Asparagus Grill Mackerel Grill Shrimp With Butter
SUSU Sushi Pizza (Order By Piece) Salmon Pizza B.B.Q Eel Pizza Avocado Pizza
Makimono (Rolled Sushi, Order By Per Roll) SuSu Maki Las Vegas Maki B-52 Maki Spider Maki
SUSHI (NIGIRI , Order By Piece) Squid Octopus Strip Bass Sashimi (Order By Piece) Egg Surf Clam Crab Stick Salmon
SUSU SPECIAL ($1.00 Extra Per Piece) Yellowtail Sushi Or Sashimi Tuna Sushi or Sashimi Squid Sashimi Octopus Sashimi Strip Bass Sashimi
Appetizer From Kitchen Edamame Japanese Special Pancake: Squid Pancake Eel Pancake Seafood Pancake Seafood Potato Pancake
Fried Item: (Order By Piece) Tempura Tofu Sweet Potato Tempura Mixed vegetable Tempura Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Squid Ring Tempura
GRILL ITEM (Order By Piece) Grill Eggplant (Nasudengaku) Golden Grill Basa Fillet Grill Salmon Belly Grill Chicken Skewer Grill Beef Skewer Grill Salmon Teriyaki
Teppanyaki Dumpling (Gyoza,Order by Piece) Teppanyaki Sirlon Steak with Garlic Sliced Beef with Scallion Roll (Order by piece) Sliced Beef with Enoki Mushroom Roll (Order by piece)
SALAD House Salad Seaweed Salad Cucumber & Seaweed Salad Green String Bean Salad Kimchi (Korean Dish) SOUP Seaweed Soup Miso Soup Beef Sukiyaki
FRIED RICE Steam Rice Steam Rice with Eel Vegetable Fried Rice B.B.Q Eel Fried Rice Beef Fried Rice
Assorted Tempura Soup Grill Chicken Udon Soup Chicken Katsu Udon Soup Pork Katsu Udon Soup Seafood Udon Soup  Vegetable Dumpling Udon Soup
Udon Udon(Thick) Noodle Soup Or Stir Fried Stir Fried Udon with Seafood & Flying Fish Roe Stir Fried Udon  with Beef Grilled Beef with Udon Soup Spicy Beef Udon Soup
Spicy Salmon Maki Crispy Salmon Maki Spicy Raw Fish Maki Spicy White Tuna Maki Salmon Avocado Maki Rainbow Maki
Spicy White Tuna Tempura Maki Crispy & Spicy Maki Arctic Maki Crab Stick Maki Crab Stick Salad Maki Una-Kyu Maki Salmon Skin Maki Chicken Teriyaki Maki California Maki
TEMAKI (HAND ROLL) 1pc per order Kappa Hand Roll Avocado & Cucumber Hand Roll Crispy & Spicy Hand Roll B.B.Q Eel Hand Roll Tempura Shrimp Hand Roll Salmon Skin Hand Roll California Hand Roll Salmon Hand Roll Spicy White Tuna Hand Roll Spicy Raw Fish Hand Roll Flying Fish Roe Salmon, Cucumber & Pickled Radish Hand Roll
Ra-Men(Thin) NOODLE SOUP OR STIR FRIED Stir Fried Noodle with Beef Grilled Beef with Noodle Soup Spicy Beef Noodle Soup Assorted Tempura Noodle Soup Grill Chicken Noodle Soup Chicken Katsu Noodle Soup Pork Katsu Noodle Soup Seafood Noodle Soup Vegetable Dumpling Noodle Soup
MAKIMONO (NIGIRI,ROLLED SUSHI) 6pc per order Avocado Maki Kappa Maki Oshido Maki Egg Maki Yam Tempura Maki Onion Tempura Maki Vegetable Tempura Maki Shrimp Tempura Maki Calamari Tempura Maki
Red Snapper Salmon Fluke Salmon Rose Crab Stick Salad Shrimp  B.B.Q Eel Flying Fish Roe  Spicy SalmonWhite Tuna DESSERT Home Made Fried Banana  Season Fruit Cake:  Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate,   Strawberry Ice Cream: Green Tea, Ginger, Red Bean, Strawberry, Chocolate
65 years old & over
12 years old and under
2 to 4 years old